On Monday 24 February 2014 a meeting was held in the Corn Exchange to provide information about a possible Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish of Bourne. The meeting was the brainchild of three Parish Councillors (Roy McKinney, David Mapp and the late Trevor Holmes) who, because of new government legislation, saw an opportunity for the people of Bourne to have input into planning and future development within the Parish, which is the overall responsibility of South Kesteven District Council, through its Local Plan; a 15 year plan, which is updated every 5 years.

Following a series of public meetings, working parties and theme group discussions during 2014, a committee was formed in April 2015, officers were elected, and under the chairmanship of David Hemmingway, the formal process of producing the ‘Plan’ began. The work of the committee involved gathering the information and suggestions from the various meetings and theme groups (business/the local economy; housing;, the built & natural environment; leisure & youth). Further research, and examination of plans submitted by other towns and parishes also helped the development process.

Following a lull in late summer/autumn 2015, Kate Eales took over as Chair, and the committee then began to concentrate on producing a questionnaire (a key requirement for the Plan to succeed) to be distributed to every home in the Parish in early November 2016. To encourage as many responses as possible, there will be 4 prizes worth £50 to be spent with businesses in Bourne. Winners' names will be drawn at the end of the qualifying period 23 December 2016 and notified in early January 2017.

Another key part of the process, for a successful Plan, will be to use the responses from the public to build the ‘plan proper’, to be submitted to SKDC for their consideration. The questionnaire is also available to download, or complete online.

2017 should see a proposal, based on public responses, being submitted to South Kesteven District Council. After their deliberations, and if they accept the proposal, a local referendum will be held. If over 50% of voters are in favour, the Plan then becomes part of the Local Plan for the District.

This website is very much a work in progress so keep checking back for latest news. We are presently (November/December 2016) fully occupied in distributing questionnaires and collating your responses in due course. The closing date is 23 December so there will be more news forthcoming in the new year.

The online survey is now closed. We had just short of 400 responses both on paper and online.

It is very encouraging to have such a high response.

We are now analysing all these returns and further news will appear on the website very soon.

Thanks to all who responded!